Preview: Mushroom Crusher Extreme

A fast paced isometric arcade-style fantasy game that’s full of Shrooms and different forms of elemental magic. Mushroom Party must be high!

Mushroom Party is the team of developers working on Mushroom Crusher Extreme. It’s a small duo of two people from university who have slowly been working on the game since 2011 Global Game Jam with projects pushing the game forward, of which the game was then noticed in 2015 when Team Jolly Roger offered to give a hand with publishing and allowed the team to work full-time on the isometric mushroom-slaying game.

In Mushroom Crusher Extreme, you are a small bloke called Zenon who is a mage with many different unique abilities with the currently named being: Spike Crush, Fireball, Shock Wave, Hydro Jet and Gaia Strike. With a combination of 4 spells you will be put on a satisfying level that is filled with different types of mushroom-based enemies.

Mushroom Crusher 2

While playing, the shrooms will drop ‘spores’ which is the currency used to purchase new spells and levels. Each spell currently can be upgraded fairly quickly and I found the most over-powered one that would probably need nerfing would be “Hydro Jet” because as soon as it’s unlocked, you will demolish mushrooms as you spray them down. But it all hits the fan when it’s max upgraded.

Unfortunately, I can’t fully review the game as I’ve only played the public demo but from over an hours experience in-game, unlocking multiple levels, spells and a trinket that was never to be seen I absolutely loved the game and I love the direction that the game is heading towards.

An issue is that the levels are repetitive, although there will be a broad range of selection in the full game I feel that to complete the seal it would need randomly generated levels, although this may not be entirely possible for Mushroom Crusher Extreme.

The game had recently passed the Steam Greenlight system in May with an expected release day to be further down the line in 2016.

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