Preview: Runetale

Mixing genres is a great way to make a uniquely awesome game, and that’s what Runetale aspires to be. A concoction of  turn-based strategy and hack’n’slash with a tad of gorgeous graphics.

The 4-man team at Solid9 initially began working on a simple turn-based strategy game in 2014, but 2 years down the line they’ve managed to tweak it to a high standard of an indie game called Runetale.

In the trailer it displays a mix of game-play and cut-scenes where they show off the different types of characters that the player will be in control of, as well as the frightening enemies which we’ll have to fend ourselves from!

In the fabled world where folks are spoiled by magic they have little understanding of, where arcane powers are exploited ignorantly with no reservations, there is one brave Baroness who decides to oppose it all. Runetale is an unusual title, built on a rogue-like foundation, combining complexity of turn-based tactics game and satisfying hack’n’slash feel to it’s combat elements. Building up band of unique individuals, choosing team composition that suits your play-style best and exploring larger then life world of Runetale where no one takes things too seriously awaits!

The above description is found on the website and defines the game extremely simply, but here’s what I’ve gathered from that information and the trailer:

You’re on a floating island, and you must continue to clear enemies moving from island to island using a trio of characters ranging from: The Marksman, The Guard, The Huntsman and The Assault. Creating your own selection to help create your own play-style to tactfully defeat enemies in this turn-based strategy and hack’n’slash game. It’s unclear whether the world is generated randomly or if there’s a set story to follow, but I’d assume the former.

There’s currently little to no information regarding the game, but you can subscribe to their newsletter to get all of the latest updates!

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