Preview: WARCUBE

WARCUBE appears to be a light-hearted, simplistic action game… But it has so much to offer when it hits early access in autumn this year.

The developers at Haven Made initially posted their product on Steam Greenlight in late May, and within 24 hours, they went above and beyond the 100th ranking out of more than 2000 entries. Bloody hell.

The game is a physics-based action brawler which contains significant use of weaponry including swords and bows to storm castles and annihilate enemies. An exciting feature which is listed on the Greenlight page is… Launching yourself from a catapult over enemy walls.

Launching myself with a catapult does sound enjoyable, but with no current footage of this, it saddens me because it’s a mighty feature, however with the 45 second trailer, we do get a tease on the time manipulating deception of making you look even cooler!

Haven Made is a small collective of people who help out each other with a handful of projects, for WARCUBE, Craigz is the lead developer and has managed to create a highly aesthetic and polished brawler which can be described as nothing less than “totally freakin’ awesome.”

I’ll be grabbing a copy of this when it enters early-access and will be posting a review, keep your eyes peeled!




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