Stormworm+ Review

Stormworm+ is a fast-paced 3D variation of the game Snake, and alongside it comes free headaches, fury and a repetitive beat.

Afrobeast Games initially released a predecessor called Stormworm on Android in 2014. But since then Afrobeast have evolved to form a new, higher quality version of the game labelled Stormworm+.

The game revolves around the character roaming different planets  (which are just different shapes) and collecting data cubes which will make the snake larger by one block per pick-up. Pretty simple concept, but then it gets complex…

While collecting data cubes, you’ll have to deal with a whole pallet of coloured glows and flashes, which are extremely bright, every time a cube is collected which will force you to go partially blind for 0.01 seconds, and also form banging headaches.


As you build up your size and become king of the world, it’s going to become a bit cramped and you need to keep your eyes peeled for power-ups, which can cut you in half to help save space while another power-up will increase your score by thousands!

There are a variety of planets such as sphere, cube, pill, and my favourite: Droplet. They all make the game different each time you switch planet, giving off a whole new experience. Alongside the selection of planets, there is also a mixture of game-modes:

  • Classic – Power-ups and slowly speeds up
  • Simple – No power-ups and no speed changes
  • Action – Spikes will kill you, also a spike shield pick-up exists
  • Timed – Given 2 minutes (Plus timer pick-ups of +5) to get as many points

So this all sounds exciting, but what will keep you playing? Surely it’ll get boring after you’ve played them all to the best of your ability? Nope! There are 36 different achievements full of challenges to beat and also global scoreboards to compare yourself to. The fun just keeps on rolling in.


The music sounds great and definitely suits the game, but I feel that it’s too slow in comparison to the late-game when it becomes more intense. There’s only 1 song and it becomes pretty sickening after 30+ minutes of game time, but you can play your own music after muting the volume.

Graphics are relatively simple, which can be seen when you turn down all of the fancy graphic options but when restored to default, the glow really helps create the right ambience and add to the fast-paced game-play.

The controls seem on-point with a whole selection such as the standard “AWD” and arrow keys, however you can also use your mouse and space bar all combined as one. The controller felt like it allows the snake to change directions much faster than the other controls, and also seems like it needs a bit of practice to get used to controller, but the vibration is a great feature to implement and adds to the game!

Overall, the game is amazing which will keep you hooked as you will continually be saying “one more game,” and playing another 50. The only imperfection which affected my scoring of the game was the single song. It’s almost a perfect game.


This game was released on Steam on the 21st of May 2016 and can be purchased on Steam for £3.99 but for the next 29 hours, it’s 15% off!

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